Friday, February 10, 2017

Leicestershire Police Gross misconduct hearing notice - PC Leim Ranson

Gross misconduct hearing notice - PC Leim Ranson

On Tuesday 14 February Leicestershire Police Constable Leim Ranson will appear before a gross misconduct hearing.
The officer will answer allegations that he breached the standards of professional behaviour in that:
  • Knowing or believing a report had been made regarding the manner of his driving, PC Ranson deliberately misled a more senior officer by claiming he was responding to an incident
  • Made a written statement which was misleading in respect of his explanation for the manner of his driving It has been determined that proceedings will be heard in public.
The hearing will take place at Leicestershire Police Headquarters, starting at 9.30am. It is anticipated that the hearing will conclude the next day.
To register your intention to attend the hearing, please complete the online form.