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Best Wishes To All My Followers For 2013, Enjoy Some Bargain Flowers From Tesco, Photographs

Best Wishes To All My Followers For 2013, Enjoy Some Bargain Flowers From Tesco

yellow labels are always good at Tesco i have filled my home with natures pleasures for
less than £2.00 here are some photograph of just a few.

any jobs in Oakham (within 10 miles) 31st December 2012

any jobs in Oakham (within 10 miles) 31st December 2012

We are looking for someone to provide before nursery care for our two year old and three year old, Monday to Friday for about two weeks a month.... - 0:21

Site Managers Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS), CSCS, first aid are essential together with a minimum of 3 years’ experience in the care home, retirement village... £26,000 a year - 21:51

Specialist Recruitment Services UK Ltd - Melton Mowbray
Our client a well known and established global consultancy within Oil & Gas and the Energy & Renewables sector is currently seeking a Technical Engineer to... £40,000 a year
Jobsite UK - 16:59

CallConnect offers free journeys for unemployed people in January Once again the Rutland Times Publishes Rubbish!

Once again the Rutland Times Publishes Rubbish!

I read the article and thought great like everyone else who is unemployed in Oakham, The cost to
travel to a Job Centre is costing too much.

CallConnect offers free journeys for unemployed people in January

People facing the new year without a job are being offered a boost by bus operators.

Lincolnshire County Council has got on board with a national initiative organised by the Greener Journeys campaign to offer people looking for work free journeys on any CallConnect bus service in the county during January.

The service offers on-demand journeys and there are partnerships in place with Rutland County Council, Northamptonshire County Council and Peterborough City Council to allow journeys across the borders.
The council’s public transport strategy and development manager Anita Ruffle said: “We know that travelling around a huge, rural area can often bring challenges, which is why we have been running the hugely successful, on-demand CallConnect service for the past 11 years.

“We’re going to start 2013 off by joining the national campaign, helping the unemployed with free journeys – it may take you to an interview anywhere in the county and help you land that job.”
People who have been unemployed for between three months and a year will qualify and just need to present their Jobcentre Plus travel card.

Find out more by calling 0845 234 3344 or visit

I contacted Call Connect to ask them how I can travel from Oakham to Melton Job Centre this is the prompt response:

From: CallConnect 
Sent: 2012/12/31 13:23:26
To: HPPCE-Mail 
Subject: FW: 24 Hour: Interconnect Enquiry

Unfortunatley the Callconnect service does not opperate in the area that you want to Travel.

We can however give you some more details on the new scheme as it is nation-wide.

To qualify for free travel, the customer must carry a Jobcentre Plus Travel Discount Card, which is available free of charge from Jobcentre Plus branches. 
This card must be shown when boarding in order to travel for free. 

For more information on how to obtain a card visit: 

£1,338,000 Community Centre for Oakham, Hawksmead 106 agreement, Rutland County Council want to spend most of the money on other projects

£1,338,000 is the sum set aside by Hawksmead, to build a Community Centre here in Oakham.
that 106 agreement of that size would certainly see a super asset for Oakham residents.

Rutland County Councils Tory Cabinet will meet on the 8th January 2013 to scale down
the project and possibly syphon of money for the Deputy leaders crazy Ashwell Business Park

The recommendation is the council approves a smaller £500,000 build freeing money for 
sport facilities at the Ashwell Park, when I last  heard Cllr Kin speaking rubbish about the prison site he was telling the full council the site already had superb facilities previously used by inmates and  a organisation known to him was very keen to move in. Is Rutland County Council going to do
what Oakham Town Council did with a quarter of its income this year? Is the County Council going to spend nearly a million of public money setting things up for another private enterprise?

106 payments tend to be agreed in the early stages of planning, so I wonder why the council
has only now just recognised it has no funds to run a community hall? members of this 
cabinet have the cheek to call me an idiot.

It is no surprise to me Oakham Mayor Cllr Dewis says they are in a pickle.

It seems to me Rutland County Council is similar to Oakham Town Council but on a much larger
scale, Oakham Town Council admitted this year it is income led rather than project led.

The council appears to lack the ability to plan past the pound signs they see in their heads.

Oakham will obviously get its first community hall with no money to run it. surely they should be seeking consent to use some of the funds for that purpose?

Have any funds been set aside to run any new facility at Ashwell? NO

                        REPORT NO: 01/2013

8 January 2013


Joint Report of the Strategic Director for People and Operational Director for Places


Creating an active and enriched community
Meeting the health and well being needs of the Community
Building our infrastructure



December 2012


1.1  This report presents information regarding the Hawksmead development in
Oakham and the terms of the Section 106 Agreement secured to develop a
range of facilities for the growing community in the area of Oakham North.


2.1 That Cabinet RECOMMEND TO COUNCIL agreement is sought on the
provision of a smaller hall on-site and part contribution for off-site
expansion and improvement in a broader range of community and
sports facilities to meet the future needs of the growing community of
Oakham North.

2.2 That Cabinet agree to a consultation with sport, leisure and activity
clubs to identify a range of investment opportunities to inform the
prioritisation of future capital funding for community and sports


3.1 The Hawksmead development has agreed planning obligations and
developer contributions set out in a Section 106 Agreement for a range of
provisions including a Community Building in Oakham North.
3.2 The Agreement sets out that the developer is to provide a ‘Community
Building’ of no more than 1,115m

2 on an agreed area of the development
site not exceeding a total cost of £1,338,000 OR a contribution of
£1,338,000 for the provision or maintenance of community facilities in the
locality of the development. A decision is required on whether a hall of this
size, a smaller hall or no hall should be provided on the site.

3.3 A corporate capital investment strategy is being developed which will include
the requirements for sports and leisure facilities across the county but a
decision on the community facilities is required in advance of this being


4.1 The Hawksmead development in Oakham is a significant growth area with
the creation of up to 1,096 dwellings over a 15 year period.  This will result in
more than 2,200 residents requiring a range of services, and seeking to
participate in a diverse programme of activities and as a result will require
sufficient community facilities.

4.2 A range of services have been involved in developing the detailed
requirements for a community building but the potential breadth of activities
for a multifunctional building has made this challenging and raised queries
over whether the investment in community facilities should be in a new
building on site or into improvements in existing provisions.

4.3 The Council is required to comply with the Section 106 Agreement by
submitting an outline and detailed brief for the ‘Community Building’.  Both of
these deadlines have been met albeit with some agreed extensions in time.
However, challenges were raised by the developer to the detailed brief
which have remained outstanding whilst consideration has been given to the
scope and scale of the requirements for a community hall on the
development site.  As the date for the finalised detailed brief has passed the
developer has now stated it is their intention to make payment of the
Community Building Contribution under the terms of the Agreement in the
sum of £1,338,000 (in five payments at occupation of the 225th, 300th, 375th,
450th and 500th dwelling).  An alternative provision for on-site facilities as
proposed below may be preferred, should this be the case there may be
scope for challenge on the current position.  Legal opinion is being sought.


5.1 The initial proposal for this community facility was to provide a multipurpose
building that would be the focus of community activities in Oakham North
and the surrounding area. However, since the initial planning a number of
concerns have been raised regards future development. These include:
 The overall size of a community building
 The management arrangements for the running of a community
 Uncertainty over revenue funding to operate a community building
 The future sustainability of a community building when considered
alongside other community provisions within the locality
 Considering who the service users would be and who would utilise
the facility.

5.2 In reviewing the Culture and Leisure Survey completed in May 2012, the
overall conclusion supported that there is a requirement for a smaller
community/village hall of a reduced specification to the detailed plan
submitted previously. The most important identified activities are those that
are most suitable to be delivered in a community/village hall provision e.g.
youth clubs, uniform group activities. In addition the survey confirmed that
community/village hall improvements and new provision needs to be
prioritised for development.  A recently completed Sport Structures report
covering leisure and activity needs in the future recommends the option of a
smaller hall.

5.3  Discussions have taken place regarding the size, available facilities and
sustainability of a community hall on the Hawksmead site. In addition, a
number of surveys have been completed which have provided valuable
information to inform a decision making process regarding future
development. The outcomes of this confirm the need for a smaller hall. Of
note also is that since much of the Oakham North development is yet to
commence, meaningful community consultation has yet to occur.

5.4 On the basis of feedback and survey evidence, the Council is now in a
position where it may determine a smaller hall is the preferred option and
that it should seek to vary the Agreement to allow this alternative.  A smaller,
fit for purpose, community hall built on the Hawksmead site would serve the
future community of Oakham North, plus provide an element of the
developer contribution for investment in off-site facilities. The provision of a
smaller village/community hall would increase the economic sustainability for
the hall to be managed by a Community Management Committee when the
hall is completed (the aspiration would be that a management committee
would be made up of local volunteers, if this is not forthcoming links would
need to be made with other voluntary groups). As the costs for the
village/community hall are likely to be in the region of £300,000 - £500,000
this could release a residual element of the Community Building Contribution
of circa £800,000 - £1,000,000 that would be able to be used to support
sports and leisure development within the local area. Detailed costings will
be required to confirm the final provisions and may be lower to account for
the land value.

5.6 A change in the size of the hall and part collection of the contribution is not
set out in the Agreement and as such can only be by way of agreement with
the developer to vary the current Section 106 Agreement.  As stated at
paragraph 4.3, the current position being stated by the developer is that the
payment will be made in lieu of an on-site provision as the detailed brief was
not fully agreed by the deadline date given the deliberations on the scope
and scale of the facilities needed. Should Members wish to have an on-site
facility and support the smaller hall proposal dialogue with the developer will
be required to challenge their current stance and seek agreement to a
variation on the Agreement.

5.5  As part of the Section 106 Agreement a number of contributions were
confirmed for library services, museum and archive services and off site
sports facilities.  They were all under the heading Community Amenities and
there is some flexibility within the Agreement on the expenditure of these
contributions and will be the subject of further review and recommendations.  


6.1  In reviewing the feedback from the recent survey and reports the three
highest priorities for site location are identified as follows and ordered in
increasing distance from the site:

(i) Further development and contribution towards
improvement/refurbishments of the old Catmose sports hall and/or
contribution to refurbishment, re-build of the Catmose swimming pool.

(ii) Further development and contribution towards sports and leisure
facilities at the Rutland County College site.

iii) Development of sports and leisure provision at the Ashwell Business

All above are within a reasonable distance of the Hawksmead development
and would provide a range of sport and leisure opportunities that meet the
future needs of the growing Oakham community.

 6.2  In reviewing the feedback on the priorities for sport, these are as follows:
(i) Swimming pool provision.
(ii) Outdoor sports facilities e.g. cricket, football, rugby, children’s play
areas, bowling greens.

(iii) Indoor activities include aerobics; keep fit, martial arts, table tennis.


7.1 Section 106 developer contributions have been secured as part of the
Hawksmead development – this includes the building of a community hall on
the development site of up to a total cost of £1,338,000.
7.2 If an on-site facility is not provided under the current provisions of the
Agreement a contribution of £1,338,000 will be made as set out above in
paragraph 4.3.  This will enable the Council to invest in improvements in
existing facilities in the locality of the development site which is likely to
support  many more sporting, leisure and recreational activities and clubs
providing a wider range of improvements and opportunities for the growth in
population. This is an attractive option as it will provide maximum flexibility
for investment in off-site community facilities.
7.3 As the detailed building specification for the large hall has been submitted
but not agreed by the deadline dates the fallback position for the developer is
to provide the full payment.
7.4 The alternative option if it can be agreed with the developer would be to
include a reduced build specification for a village/community hall on-site plus
part of the contribution. Details would need to be drawn up in order to agree
the contribution which may be less in total that the £1,338,000 as the
opportunity cost of the land may be included.  It should be noted that
variation to the Agreement may not be able to be reached with the


Time  Medium  Effective planning and agreement to ensure timely
delivery in line with growing demand from a growing
Viability  High  Whilst funding is available to complete the capital
projects there is no revenue funding identified to secure
the sustainability of the new hall, however revising the
overall size of the community hall will reduce the risk.
Having no on-site provision and using the contribution for
improving existing facilities is low risk.
Finance  High  Capital funding available via Section 106 contributions.
No revenue funding secured for a new hall.
Having no on-site provision and using the full contribution
for improving existing facilities is low risk.
Profile  High  The proposed provision of additional facilities is likely to
create substantial public interest.
High  The possible provision of additional community facilities
will extend the sports and leisure opportunities in
Rutland. An EIA is to be completed.
Background Papers   Report Author
Sport England community/village hall guidance  Sarah Bysouth
Hawksmead Section 106 Agreement  Head of Service: Lifelong Learning
Victoria Brambini
Operational Director for Places
        Tel: 01572 722577
A Large Print or Braille Version of this Report is available
upon request – Contact 01572 722577.

Current Tory Cabinet Membership
  • Councillor Roger Begy (Leader of the Council) - Museum & Castle Development and Housing
  • Councillor Terry King (Deputy Leader of the Council) - Finance and Places Asset Management (covering Environmental Services and Planning)
  • Councillor Kenneth Bool - Education and Children's Services
  • Councillor Christine Emmett - Health and Social Care (from the 18th September 2012 this Portfolio will be managed by Councillor Begy until further notice)
  • Councillor Gene Plews - Youth, Sport, Community Safety and Culture (excluding Museum & Castle Development)
  • Councillor Martyn Pocock - Resources and Places Operations (covering Highways and Waste Services)

Rutland Changes to Council Tax Benefits, Cllr Alan Walters, Complains

Cllr Alan Walters complains he is receiving no response from the public.

It does not surprise me, why would they. He knows like most residents his council will do whatever it wants.
It does not listen to residents.

He does raise a good issue on his website  The named site 'one councillor' is I am told of putting to local residents. What is wrong with plain and simple Cllr Alan Walters?

Below is his latest post: I have checked the council website the meeting he refers to is to be held on Date: Monday 07 January 2013
Time: 19:00

Not the 10th as he publishes at the end of his post:


the website for residents of Oakham North east and the wider community in Rutland

Rutland Changes to Council Tax Benefits

Residents of Rutland may be interested to know that on Monday 7th January 2013 at 7pm at Catmose a Full Council meeting will be held, largely  aimed at reaching agreement on changes to Council Tax Benefit.
There are numerous web pages devoted to the changes but perhaps a plain Englsih guide might be helpful.  Rather than the Government funding Council Tax Benefit in full following national criteria, it has decided that the total amount of funding will be reduced, and that it is up to Local Councils to work out how to deal with the impact.

Rutland’s response has been to consult widely, to work with neghbouring authorities, and then come up with a proposed scheme.
This has then been debated, and a number of changes made to the proposal ready for it to come to Full Council.

Despite the wide publicity and consultation there has been remarkably little debate in the local media.
This is a serious matter which residents currently receiving benefits should be aware of - but I have not received a single message from residents on this subject despite raising it in both the Rutland Times and also via the Melton Times, as well as my twitter feed and on Oakham People.
My greatest fear is that some current claimants may simply look at the paperwork and say “Doesn’t affect me mate – I’m on benefits”.  This is not the case and I would urge anyone with any concerns to contact the CAB for advice.

All welcome to hear the debate - 7pm Monday 10th in the council Chamber

You can follow one councillor on Twitter

Former Conservative MP Sir Irvine Patnick has died at the age of 83.

Former Tory MP Sir Irvine Patnick dies

Former Conservative MP Sir Irvine Patnick has died at the age of 83.

He was MP for Sheffield Hallam for 10 years, from 1987 to 1997, in Margaret Thatcher and John Major's governments.

Sir Irvine was criticised in the Hillsborough Independent Panel's report on the Hillsborough disaster.

September's report confirmed him as one of the sources for a notorious Sun newspaper story that smeared Liverpool fans after the disaster.

In October, Labour MP Steve Rotherham called for Sir Irvine to be stripped of his knighthood

The Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson echoed the call, arguing that Sir Irvine had "brought the Honours system into disrepute" and helped to bring "overwhelming misery" to the people of Liverpool.

I am always impressed by how kind most Tories are.

His former constituency of Sheffield Hallam is now held by the Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg.

In a statement issued following his death, his family said: "Sir Irvine Patnick OBE, died peacefully on 30 December 2012, aged 83, in Sheffield.
"He was a much loved husband of Lynda and father of Suzanne and Matthew.
"He'll be sadly missed by his brothers and by all all his family and friends."

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tory shires in revolt over cuts, Police Raid, 10 Downing Street,


Sparse Chairman Tory Roger Begy asked his best police friends to raid Downing Street, it marks the start of Shire Tories New Year rebellion against “grossly unfair” cuts in local government spending which they say will “crucify” rural communities.

I am sure Rutland's  Leader said, if my Helen can find the odd million laying around then surely David must have a stash somewhere?

For those who may have forgotten Helen Briggs is the kindly Chief Executive at Rutland County
Council who once found a million pounds just a few hours before a budget meeting and promptly
told the Rutland Times the savage staff cuts would still go ahead and they did..

I’m being smeared, says Rugby Borough Council Tory leader Craig Humphrey following articles in Private Eye

I’m being smeared, says Rugby Borough Council Tory leader Craig Humphrey following articles in Private Eye

Councillor Humphrey represents Bilton Ward as a Conservative councillor. He is the Leader of the Council, Chairman of Cabinet and Leader of the Conservative Party.

Cllr Humphrey was caught by police with no car insurance, like all good Tories he explained it was all a big mistake and again when he was caught the second time.  Poor man not only is he Tory he is also an estate agent.
I am told another Rotten Borough leader, has a keen  interest in  property. Their son once 
worked as a solicitor and was struck off, due to some dodgy deals in Ireland apparently? He now works for a firm in the UK as a lowly conveyancer. I won't give his name as the firm he works for give him a glowing on-line profile.
Private Eye also reported Cllr Humphrey falsely claimed to be on holiday when the magazine tried unsuccessfully to contact him.
He then told his local paper
Cllr Humphrey said: “I refuse to speak to Private Eye.
“What they print is a load of rubbish. The magazine is a comic.”

Revolting Tories whatever next? Tory Shires in revolt over cuts, Roger Begy, Rutland County Council, Sunday Telegraph

Revolting Tories whatever next? Tory Shires in  revolt over cuts, Roger Begy, Rutland County Council, Sunday Telegraph

Roger Begy Tory Leader of Rutland County Council

Roger Begy, leader of Conservative-controlled Rutland Council and chairman of the 'Sparse' campaign told The Sunday Telegraph: “Rural authorities for the last 10 to 12 years have been seriously under funded in relation to urban areas.
To read more Click Here

I don't believe the mess Rutland is in has anything to do with the Tory central cuts.

Its simply poor management, Oakham Mayor Cllr Dewis said "Rutland County Council is in a pickle"

He's a fine one to say that, he needs to get his own house in order first.

The council has money invested, the last time they were asked it was £19,000,000

Rutland County Council has so much money, it even lends a bit to Tory Friends Brent Council.

and then charges the highest council tax in the land.

any jobs in Oakham (within 10 miles) 30th December 2012

any jobs in Oakham (within 10 miles) 30th December 2012

White Recruitment - Rutland
The site has free car parking options and provide a variety of in house perks, including payment of training costs.... £12,000 - £13,000 a year
Careworx - 21:35

The Horse and Jockey - Oakham
This is an ideal opportunity for a proven junior chef looking to take on additional responsibility within a small and friendly team....
Jobcentre Plus Universal Jobmatch - 21:36

You will have exemplary customer liaison skills, ideally with some knowledge of the motor industry (although not essential).... £16,000 a year - 20:33

Rutland Biodynamics Ltd - Oakham
Analytical chemist (pharmaceutical) to work mainly within Herbal Regulatory lab., under supervision initially at least, developing and maintaining licensed... - 15:33

Peterborough Regional College - Walton PE1
We are currently seeking a part time Communication Support Worker (25 hours per week) to join our Student Wellbeing and Support Team to communicate between D...
Jobsgopublic - 18:51

Investigo - Welwyn Garden City
Process Improvement Consultant There is an exciting new opportunity to join a large retailer as they go through a large scale group wide transformation...
Hertfordshire Jobs Online - 22:17

Interaction - Peterborough - Peterborough
The above list is by no means exhaustive and you will need to have a hands on approach to your work. If you have not heard from us within 5 working days of... - 15:53

We want to change the way we speak to our high street customers. In return for meeting your targets and helping us do things differently, you can be sure to...
CV-Library - 17:18

Peterborough Regional College - Walton PE1
We are currently seeking a part-time Student Support Worker/Mentor Peripetetic to join our Learner Engagement Team on a two year fixed term contract, working 18...
Jobsgopublic - 19:02

Sustainable transport hub, Oakham, Rutland, £4 million


At a meeting in October this year Rutland Councillors agreed in
principal to seek compulsory purchase orders for properties
near Oakham Railway Station. At the time the council would
not say who would be effected, Oakham Tyres was mentioned
but not confirmed.

I cam across the above plan, if I am looking at it correctly the
development will effect Oakham Tyres and other nearby companies.

If I am looking at it incorrectly it would be effecting Chief Executive
Helen Briggs current home and  I cant see that happening.

I took a look at the councils web site and looked at the supporting

I wonder how much public support their is for this development?

Looking at the supporting letters sent with the bid, I find it
interesting many letters are written by Councillors, wearing other hats
not that of a Councillor.

It was good to see Roger Begy the leader of the council can
once again rely on his golf club to write a good letter.

I think the funniest letter is from Hambleton Hall
If your guests are paying £200 - £630 a night to
stay a your posh hotel are they really going to want
to hop on a tourist bus when they have a Aston Martin or
a Lamborghini parked in your car park?

I was wondering what happened to the open top tourist bus that used
to run empty when I first moved to Oakham?

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cllr John Nowell, Oakham Town Councillor New Book "A Day Above Yorkshire" Yorkshire Air Ambulance


This photo has Some Rights Reserved   You are free: to Share — to copy, 
distribute and transmit the work  By RayMorris1
This photo was taken on December 7, 2012 inHolmfirth, England, GB, using a Nikon D3.

John Nowell - author and aerial photographer - signing copies of his latest book at Sid's Cafe (of Last of the Summer Wine fame). pictured here with the lovely Rachel, manager of Sid's Cafe.

The book is called "A Day Above Yorkshire" and features a foreword by Alan Titchmarsh.It contains aerial photographs taken by the author, and also activities and landmarks taken by local photographers. John's book has been published in support of Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

Good to see Cllr Nowell still doing his bit for charity.

Before Christmas, I received a update from Leicestershire Police Economic Crime Unit,
the investigation is still on going.

I noticed there appears to be some changes at companies houses regarding the Rutland and Melton Opportunity Chalet, the members are no longer listed? I am guessing has the charity made some changes
are they removing Mr & Mrs Nowell as directors?

Company Filing HistoryInclude Allotment of Shares
AR0124/10/201209/09/12 NO MEMBER LIST
AA0124/09/2012CURREXT FROM 30/09/2012 TO 31/12/2012

Tesco, New Year, 2013, Opening, Oakham, Rutland

Tesco, New Year, 2013, Opening, Oakham, Rutland

any jobs in Oakham (within 10 miles) 29th December 12

any jobs in Oakham (within 10 miles) 29th December 12

Integrated Cleaning Services - Wymondham
Leisure Centre in Wymondham, because of location on transport would be required. Basic cleaning of toilets ,changing rooms etc. hours are 6am to 8am Monday to... £6.50 an hour
Jobcentre Plus Universal Jobmatch - 21:40

To encourage each resident to achieve the highest possible quality of life. To assist where necessary with each residents personal hygiene needs.... - 21:25

Scalford Court Care Home - Melton Mowbray
Part-time activities organiser required for Scalford Court Nursing Home. Disclosure expense will be met by the employer....
Jobcentre Plus Universal Jobmatch - 3:35

Express Recruitment - Melton Mowbray
My client based in Melton Mowbray is currently. Please do not hesitate to apply for other suitable roles in the future....
Express Recruitment - 16:02

Perfect Placement - Wymondham
Parts Telesales Representative required in Norfolk Salary:. Please contact our office on 08450 212 123 if you wish to discuss this copyright.... £19,000 a year
Norfolk Jobs Online - 21:13

Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust - Nevill
Due to the retirement of the current postholder an exciting opportunity has become available for the post of Ward Manager on the integrated acute admission ward... £30,460 a year
NHS Jobs - 12:42

Triumph Consultants - Oakham
Please do note, however, that if the vacancy is no longer showing on the site it will no longer be live and you won’t necessarily get a reply from us if that is... £13.65 an hour
MyJobGroup Ltd - 15:59

Momentum Resourcing Ltd - Melton Mowbray
C++ Software Developer - Cyber Security - £50,000 + Bens. This exceptional opportunity is commutable from Leicester, Northampton, Nottingham, Derby, Warwick,... £50,000 a year
Jobsite UK - 17:08

Blue Skies Marketing Recruitment - Rutland
A strong track record designing, managing and delivering marketing communications campaigns is essential, and a degree-level education would be an advantage!....
Simply PR Jobs - 11:11

Peterborough Regional College - Walton PE1
We are currently seeking a part-time Student Support Worker/Mentor Peripetetic to join our Learner Engagement Team on a two year fixed term contract, working 18...
Jobsgopublic - 19:02

GE Energy - Newcastle upon Tyne
Proficiency in software applications MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook. Act as an advisor to the Quality Leader on matters related to processes and...
GE Careers - 19:17

Travail Education - Peterborough
So excellent behaviour management skills required. You will be need to plan and deliver mainly literacy and numeracy, along with other subjects if required....
Jobcentre Plus Universal Jobmatch - 15:36

Peterborough Regional College - Walton PE1
We are currently seeking a part time Communication Support Worker (25 hours per week) to join our Student Wellbeing and Support Team to communicate between D...
Jobsgopublic - 18:51

The Fitness First Academy is looking to recruit individuals who are passionate about Sport, Health and Fitness with a guaranteed position in 1 of the 140 clubs...
Jobs Today - 1:27