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My Pre-trial Hearing, District Judge John Christopher Temperley. Leicester Magistrates Court

My Pre-trial Hearing, District Judge John Christopher Temperley. Leicester Magistrates Court

Today I visited Leicester Magistrates Court to watch my pre-trial hearing.

It was also an opportunity for me to judge the Judge who will conducting the trial in September.

What I have read about him and seen gives me confidence he may give me a fair hearing.

The CPS still had a few things missing and did not know who will be prosecuting at the trial.

The CPS has withdrawn some police officers statements, this includes a statement which to me shows
former Rutland LPU Commander Inspector Kan Mistry's political involvement in this case an he was not
impartial I will wait until after the trial before I publish his statements.

Two other officers have provided useful statements, the prosecution have also removed them from the case.
Rather usefully they were served on the defence, so they can still be used at the trial. The Judge
agreed we can issue summons to call those officers to court for questioning.

Other officers statements have also been removed by the prosecution, they are irrelevant.

One was the statement from PC Robbie.

I found her to be a little difficult and a keen supporter of Former Mayor Paul Beech and Cllr Joyce  Lucas.
She has twice arrested me after they both made rather stupid malicious complaints against me this year and last year. Each time the CPS chucked out their cases. PC Robbie also attempted to seek a prosecution for criminal damage after I posted about 11 posters on empty shop windows using water based glue. I also pasted one on the council notice board and surprisingly she could not even get them to provide a statement.
I made a formal complaint about PC  Robbie, this was surprisingly investigated and resolved by Leicestershire Police.

It looks like the force is very slowly improving.

I am told Chief Constable Simon Cole is off sick and he may have had a mental break down, I do hope this was not caused by my complaints. According to Detective Simon Ely my six formal complaints about Rutland Police since 2010 are excessive. Whatever Mr Cole's illness is I wish him a speedy recovery.

The good news is the Judge said he could not take away my right to vote or miss out attending the
election count at Rutland  County Council on the 15th August 2013.

We suggested a time I would vote, that will be at 9.45pm. I can remain on the premises for the count and depart 15 minutes after the declaration.

He added he was sure Mr Brookes would not communicate with anyone he should not.

I have informed Rutland County Council about this and hope they will make the deputy returning officer
available to discuss any possible election issues, show me any spoilt  papers and notify me of the result.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

social services in Rutland do definitely need to get a lot better. Oakham Spotted Facebook

The Public are not happy with Rutland County Councils Social Services

earlier this year an old couple died in disgusting circumstances whilst RCC were
responsible for their care.

Can I just say that social services in Rutland do definately need to get alot better. 
There is not enough services to help young People in Rutland these days - particulary for teenagers!
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Don't Forget to Vote if You Live in Oakham South East Ward 15th August 2013

Don't Forget to Vote if You Live in Oakham South East Ward 15th August 2013

People living in the Oakham South East of Oakham have the right to
chose if they vote.

A choice some people abroad don't have.

Whitwell, Twinned with Paris, Residents Pay for New Signs after Rutland County Council removed them

Photo: Rob Persani Rutland Radio

Rutland County Council removed the twinning signs last year and residents raised money to bring them

Whitwell is a village in the county of Rutland in the East Midlands of England.

It is located about four miles (6 km) east of Oakham, on the north shore of Rutland Water.
A pleasure boat known as the Rutland Belle operates from Whitwell Harbour.
It is also a popular sailing and water sports area.

Whitwell claims to be twinned with Paris, France. In the 1970s, regulars from the pub, the Noel Arms wrote to the then Mayor of Paris, Jacques Chirac proposing the link and with a tight deadline for a response.

As no answer arrived from the Mayor's office by the set date, the village unilaterally declared itself to be twinned and erected road signs to that effect.

The original wooden signs were later replaced in metal by Rutland County Council.
Whitwell is one of the smallest villages in Rutland.

It only has 19 houses, plus a pub and hotel nestled amongst those.
Both are located on the main A606 opposite each other.

Whitwell - Twinned with Paris

As you drive along the A606 in the East Midlands of England, you may notice a rather unusual road sign. It's one of two, one either side of the road, as you approach the village of Whitwell in the tiny county of Rutland. The one on the right announces 'Whitwell - Please drive carefully through the village', but the one on the left somewhat enigmatically reads 'Whitwell - Twinned with Paris'.

Twinned with Where?
It's a proper, official-looking county-council-installed sign, all right. It's been there since 1980 and the Paris it refers to is indeed the capital of the glorious Ré publique Franç aise. So how could a fairly nondescript English village have pulled off such a coup?
There's nothing unusual about twinning, of course. There are hundreds of cities, towns and villages in the UK, and thousands worldwide, which have fostered links with others abroad. Councillors will tell you it's an opportunity to promote goodwill and understanding between the townsfolk, form an association of friendship, and share both ideas and hospitality through fact-finding visits. Council tax-payers will tell you it's a shocking waste of public money, as the representatives they elected to formulate local government policy take all-expenses-paid foreign holidays on club-class tickets to indulge in lavish junkets. The truth is probably somewhere in between the two, but you don't necessarily need a twin town for an excuse to live the high life – remember Doncaster in 1997?

With few exceptions, twin towns are of a similar size and exhibit some sort of demographic, cultural or historical similarities. London is twinned with New York CityTorquay with the once rat-infested Hamelin, and Aberdeen with, naturally, Bulawayo. Paris and Whitwell, however, are not so closely matched, let it be said. Paris, 'the City of Light', is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. It boasts many beautiful and historic landmarks, romantic vistas, world-class museums, some of the finest hotels, best cuisine and most fashionable boutiques in the world, and unrivalled nightlife. It is also a vast metropolis, home to around 11 million people. Whitwell has a pub, a hotel and 42 residents1.

Making Friends
It all happened in the pub, you see. You know how it is: people sit around and have a few drinks and someone cracks this 'wouldn't it be funny if...' joke. In thousands of other pubs across the land that would be the end of it, but the chairman of the parish council and landlord of the Noel Arms, Sam Healey, thought it was worth a try. Declaring himself head of the newly formed Twinning Committee, he wrote to his equivalent number in Paris, one Jacques Chirac, suggesting the tie-up. Chirac, to his credit, replied diplomatically, but wasn't too keen. He thought he might only be able to legally pair up with foreign capitals, as Paris had done with Rome, and he'd never heard of Whitwell.
Well, that sounded fairly positive to the Noel Arms regulars. They drafted another letter, asking whether they could know for sure by a certain date, about five weeks hence, as they were planning a celebration. If they didn't hear anything, they would assume he approved. The local schoolmaster translated it, and it was sent back to Chirac. Then came the important bit: the deadline passed without a reply. They were twinned!
They don't remember a lot about the day of the ceremony. English beer and French wine flowed. English Morris men performed alongside a troupe of can-can dancers specially shipped in from Melton Mowbray. A fine time was had by all; Healey woke up the next day in the coal shed.

Non-identical Twins
There isn't a law set in stone that capital cities can only link with other ones, and a handful of non-capital cities in the UK have pulled off the feat of having a capital twin. Birmingham proudly displays Prague on its road signs, and Liverpool is closely associated with DublinBristol ties up with Tblisi and Hull with Freetown, Sierra Leone. Edinburgh has links to Kiev, and Glasgow to Havana. Some even have two: Nottingham boasts both Harare and LjubljanaCoventry has bothBelgrade and Kingston, Jamaica.
It's not only cities. The Yorkshire spa town of Harrogate, home of Bettys Tea Rooms, is twinned with Wellington, New Zealand. Dartford in Kent, best known for a bridge, a tunnel and a large shopping centre, is linked to Tallinn; while Slough, still awaiting Betjeman's friendly bombs, can boast a friendship with Riga.
Whitwell trumps the lot of them, though. Yes, it was unilaterally declared and entirely unofficial, but it's raised the profile of a small community and ensured there's one pub in Britain where bemused travellers will drop in every other week and ask: 'Are you really twinned with Paris?'

Bring back Leicester council they know wot they r doing ! Rutland council is run buy over paid chimps and kangaroos


Ojvw Louise Smith Bring back Leicester council they know wot they r doing ! Rutland council is run buy over paid chimps and kangaroos

Spotted Oakham, Facebook, Rutland County Council Special Meeting

I recently came across a Facebook page Spotted Oakham

Many people say things in the way they want.

I wonder how many Oakham residents will be rounded up and put before the
courts by Rutland County Councils Best Friends, Leicestershire Police

Here is an example post about Rutland County Councils Special Meeting and
there decision to to fund legal action against three UKIP Councillors.

I am of to Leicester Court Tomorrow to listen to my pre-trial hearing.

It is really about time this Tory mob listened to the public!

I find it very frustrating that many people are using the internet to 
express their thoughts and feeling about our councils often many of
them in a way that is far more offensive than the council claims I have 

I would not say anyone has been offensive in the post example.

One of the comments is almost the same as one of my past posts
which has led to a charge of stalking and harassing a person.

Question For Rutland County Council tell me why so many people 
describe you as bullies?

Spotted: Oakham
very disappointed that the council has voted tonight to allow its officers to sue for defamation against its own councillors - what an absolute waste of tax payers money. the councillors were voted in by the public - we should decide if they should stay in office and we should get a say on whether our money should be wasted in this ridiculous way. I have a story to tell and one day I will tell it about how this council thinks it can just bully people and waste tax payers money on legal costs to then lose and end up paying substantial costs
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  • Damage Limitation Please spill the beans
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  • Monica Fernandez I feel I could have written the above myself! The waste of money runs now over 100K of public money! Big time bullies; employers killing themselves because of it and now going for councillors too. ENOUGH of that xxxxxx and xxx mates...filthy hands they got...and are soooooooooo worried about keeping their reputation. Let's put it like this: you wouldn't be worried unless you were corrupted, would you? They are getting away with far tooooooo much.
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  • Suzanne Weston Completely agree, its time they went, hopefully this will ruin them
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Rotten Council.CO.UK Results For Rutland County Council



Councillors will be brought up-to-date with the latest on a council’s pursuit of legal action against three members at a meeting next week. A special meeting of Rutland County Council is being held on Monday to discuss a monitoring officer’s report that highlights the current progress of the council’s..



Three UKIP Councillors in Rutland, facing potential legal action after suggesting council officers are involved in fraud and corruption, Councils Own Report

Three Councillors in Rutland are facing potential legal action after being accused 
of suggesting council officers are involved in fraud and corruption, suspect planning 
approvals, misusing public money, and the squandering of millions of pounds of grant funding.

Members (Special Council 29 July 2013) voted in favour of supporting the #### #### and/or 
officers to take legal action in their own name for defamation by UKIP Councillors Richard Gale, 
David Richardson and Nick Wainwright.

The decision taken is in addition to a series of recommendations agreed at Special Council 
(10 January 2013) that provided authority to seek an injunction to prevent harassment #### #### 
and other officers.

Councillors were informed that the resolutions agreed at the January meeting are still valid, 
despite the three Councillors forming a new political group (Rutland group of UKIP).

Roger BegyCouncil Leader Roger Begy: “This is a particularly difficult decision and one that 
members have taken after careful consideration.  

Councillors are well aware of the financial risk of taking this route, but feel we have no option.  

If we sit back and do nothing, we are open to constructive dismissal claims from staff as well as recruitment and retention issues.”

Councillor Begy added: “In recent years, grant funding has played a key role in some of our most successful projects including the Oakham Bypass, Catmose College and Oakham CE Primary School.  

Only last month, the three Councillors published statements to the national media and online accusing the council of ‘squandering millions of pounds of grant money’.  

We can only hope this does not reduce our chances of receiving future funding for projects within our local community.”

Councillor Begy went on to say: “Going down the legal route is an absolute last resort but one that we are prepared to take in order to protect our officers.  

The quickest and cheapest way to resolve this latest position is for the three Councillors (Gale, Richardson and Wainwright) to either agree publicly that they have been mistaken and issue a full apology, or to provide evidence that supports their claims.”

Other Information

Voting details

16 Councillors voted in support of the recommendations

Mr Edward Baines (Conservative)
Wood Lane Farm
Rutland LE15 8QZ
 Tel: 01572 722154

Mr Roger B Begy (Con)
Lindow Cottage
25 Main Street
Rutland LE15 7NJ
 Telephone: 01572 812529

Mr Kenneth A Bool (Con)
4 Church Farm Close
Rutland LE15 8BZ
 Tel: (01572) 813356

Miss Gale Waller (Lib)
21 Pinfold Lane
South Luffenham
Rutland LE15 8NR

Mrs Carolyn C Cartwright (Con)
3 Main Street
Rutland LE15 9EP
Tel: (01572) 822233

Mrs Christine Emmett (Con)
The Windmill
Rutland LE15 9DQ
Tel: 01572 747000

Mr Gary J Conde (Con)
54 Empingham Road
Tel: 01780 720252

Mr William Cross (Con)
Hill Top Farm
Braunston Road
Rutland LE15 8UH
 Tel: 01572 755744

Mr Jeffrey T Dale (Ind)
12 Station Road
Wing Hollow
Rutland LE15 8RY
 Tel: (01572) 723569

Mr David Hollis (Con)
The Roost
49 Main Street
Rutland LE15 7DH

Tel:01572 812996

Mr Martyn Pocock (Con)
Home Farm House
Rutland LE15 7PE

Tel:01572 812599

Mr James Lammie (Con)
12 North Street East
LE15 9QL

Mobile: 07825 552973

Mr Jonathan Munton (Con)
6 Brooke Close
Rutland LE15 6GD

Tel: (01572) 770733

Mr Chris A Parsons (Con)
'Poachers Rest'
Newstead Lane
Lincs PE9 4SA

Tel: (01780) 762489

Mr Mark Woodcock (Indepedent)
33 Harrington Way
Rutland LE15 6SE

Tel: (01572) 755814

Mr Terry C King (Con)
3 Debdale
Rutland LE15 7BU

Telephone: (01572) 812735
The Big Bother TORY House Who will be evicted Next?

2 Councillors left the meeting early after declaring an interest – Gale and Richardson (UKIP)

1 Councillor decided to abstain from voting – Plews (EX Tory)

1 Councillor voted against the recommendation – Walters (Independent)

Apologies received from – 

Figgis, (Con) 

Montgomery, (Independent) 

Oxley, (Lib) 

Stephenson, (Con) 

Vernon, (Con) 

Wainwright (UKIP)