Friday, December 31, 2010

London Metropolitan Police Photographs

London Metropolitan Police Photographs

  Red BMW Police Car is this better than Leicestershire Skoda's

 mobile phone images

St Pancras International London Photographs

St Pancras International London Mobile Phone Photographs

St Pancras International Station was not so busy yesterday.

Yo Sushi fresh food travels around faster than some trains!

Police Community Support Officer rushes past.

Marks & Spencer

The Champagne Bar

St Pancras Station Christmas Tree? Champagne bottles.

Statue of  John Betjeman Poet

Euro Star Trains

I am guessing if you can be prosecuted in Derbyshire for chucking a snowball at a policeman you can be prosecuted for touching a horrible Christmas tree created using empty champagne bottles.

Thats reminds Leicester and Rutland Police will you please review the town centre CCTV only the day young people were throwing snow balls at people in the high street! most shocking arrest them. Only joking!

London Kings Cross Station photographs

Each time I visit London work is going to improve things.London Kings Cross has had many make overs, work still goes on with a major renovation project, Sadly some changes have not pleased some local like removal The platform 8 clock, mounted on the footbridge. I read the clock and footbridge was sent into storage in Cambridge because no one wanted it.

Maybe it could be used here in Oakham to replace the ugly railway bridge in town, I don't think I will receive any violent threats for calling the bridge ugly?

The old footbridge is to be replaced with a modern glass construction with lifts.

Kings Cross Station Concourse decorated with a Christmas tree.

mobile phone snaps,

New retail units are opening this is the relocated Burger King, W H Smiith's has shrunk and Boots has gone.

Harry Potters Platform 9 3/4 has moved again, this time the wall is fake but this does not stop the tourists gathering to take photographs.

The platform actually used for filming at King's Cross Station in the movies is Platform 4. Hagrid and Harry are also filmed walking over the pedestrian bridge across the tracks.

 One of the new entrances to Kings Cross Underground Station, this area used to be an area used by London Cab drivers for refreshments and servicing of cabs. Most of the small dark cobbled streets often used as film locations in the past have now gone. A few old buildings remain.

The Meeting Place Sculpture St Pancras Station British artist, Paul Day

mobile phone snaps.

Paul Day's The Meeting Place

The Meeting Place

British artist, Paul Day, created this nine-metre sculpture 'The Meeting Place' that stands in St Pancras Station. London.
 around the base, on the frieze, there are all kinds of different meetings depicted.

I wonder if its Facebook or is she Tweeting!

Nice Book Shop Burton Street Bloomsbury London WC

mobile phone photograph I cant believe I forgot my camera memory cards,

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Threat to my safety because I Blog!

Whilst I was in London today, I received a telephone call from a Leicester Number, The gentleman caller was very threatening and I was shocked.

The intimidation by some  local people is unacceptable.

The caller did not withhold their number and it looks like they were using a fax line in the Leicester area.
01162 540 193
I was very impressed with the Metropolitan Police, they take these kind of threats very seriously and called me twice when they realised the serious nature of the call they offered to come and see me.

Leicestershire Police will be visiting me Thursday! Not very impressive but then I have come to expect this from Leicestershire and Rutland Police.

I am hoping they will trace the person 

Malicious or abusive phone calls are a criminal offence, under section 43 of the Telecommunications Act, 1984,. Alternatively, The Protection from Harassment Act 1997 covers many forms of harassment involving persistent contact that causes distress.

Chinese Protesters Outside National Gallery London

Chinese Protesters outside the National Gallery London

They are calling Dissolve Chinese communist Party and End The Persecution.

More photos  to follow when I am not wireless.

Red Rose

Red Rose
Auto Post

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Burns Night Celebrations Grainstore Brewery Oakham Rutland

Burns Night Celebrations 22nd January 7.30 pm

Robert Burns (25 January 1759 – 21 July 1796) (also known as Rabbie Burns,)

A Burns supper is a celebration of the life 
and poetry of the poet Robert Burns, author
of many Scots poems. The suppers are
normally held on pr near the poet's birthday,
25th January. The Grainstore invite all
to celebrate in true Scottish 
style, starting with a soup course. the
'Selkirk Grace', a Whiskey toast, the entrance 
of the Haggis accompanied by the Piper and
finishing with cheese and oatcakes!

Laughtons Last Stand Grainstore Brewery Oakham

Laughtons Last Stand
15th January 8.30pm

will be performing at the Grainstore Brewery Oakham

Originally the band was formed by Laughton James for a one off performance at the Extonbury Music Festival 2009. a premier charity event. 

The original line up included Nic Gray (Guitar), Geoff 'The Bine' Espin (Vocals/Harmonica), Skip Saunders (drums), Laughton James (Bass Guitar/vocals) and mark Young (Lead Vocals/Guitar).

The performance was enjoyed by the band and was well received by the audience, so it was decided to stay together to perform gigs at various venues including festivals and charity events. At the turn of hte year the addition of Mandy 'Malone' Rowley on Vocals gave the band another dimension.

The Little Therapy Centre New to Oakham High Street

The Little Therapy Centre  New to Oakham High Street

Monday, December 27, 2010

Cottesmore Hunt Cutts Close Oakham Rutland Photographs

Cottesmore Hunt Cutts Close Oakham Rutland

click on photographs to enlarge

 To see a fox outside the Leicester Mercury Click Here
Burley Road Oakham
The meeting of the Boxing Day Hunt was moved
to Holiday Monday

The hounds enjoying the snow


 A large crowd gathered

 This lady was one of a few who braved the cold
to collect money for Macmillan Nurses