Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rutland Chat Forum

For those who are interested this is the man in America who is hosting the new Rutland Chat Forum, the friend of R45PUT1N. TUCSON, Arizona, US He has now removed his photo bucket account. Because this contained images linking him to two Rutland Villages Tixover and Brooke. Brooke church yard contains his family grave. is also his site based on the same server. You will notice he is a photographer, a common link to about 50% of the forum members. He has also placed a link to the forum on this website The people who run the Rutland Chat Forum think now the Chat Forum is based on a friends server in America this will protect them. If they start their normal campaigns of slurring people, that is far from the truth. Because people can deal with one person rather than a huge American company.

Rutland Chat Forum

Email received about Rutland Chat Forum.

Good Morning Martin,
I hope all is well with you.
I have some important information for you. And I am prepared to assist you.
I placed your email on the new Rutland chat forum requesting some clarification as to why they allowed false information about you to be posted to the old forum. The result was a very amateurish attempt by R45PUTIN and the new Admin to upload malware to my server/PC. As you know, I.T is my business and the trojan was immediate identified, quarantined and cleaned. The explanation for this was my 'trolling'. However, at this point in the time 'trolling' is not a crime,engaging in malicious attempts to penetrate, log and ultimately damage property is criminal damage. This is clear.
I note that you have had some contact with the police yet they were unwilling to assist as 'trolling' is indeed not a crime! I also suggest that if a successful attempt has been made and your PC lacks the appropriate protection then your PC could now be controlled by the Rutland chat team. The malware is, as I said, very schoolboy, but it is a breach all the same.
I have spent some time tracing its origin and I have also, through my IT business contacts been in contact with freeforums. The reason being it would be difficult for an investigation to reach America, however, the freeforms Rutland chat forum has comprehensive records of who was previously running the forum IE R45PUTIN as well as comprehensive IP information.
A link on freeforums to the new forum clearly illustrates that the linkage and intent and is, in my opinion and the opinion of my company's legal dept to at least raise questions officially.
So, if you are willing, I would like you to log into my own secure website, I would guide you through some step via a chat screen and there I will be able to conduct a remote deep scan of your PC, quarantine any offending items that may have been been instigated through the new site. By doing so, you will clearly have reason to take this further. However, this will involve my continued discussions with freeforums to prove who was running the freeforums Rutland chat forum as they will ONLY release this if it were a criminal case, evidence of linkage to the States (via the freeforums notice posted on the old site) and I would also reveal R45PUTIn's identity, which freeforums/his IP can confirm) so you possess the full mix of evidence of potential criminal damage.
Whilst I personally find the attempt quite amusing, I find their treatment of you despicable and damaging to you and now, potentially, your PC.
I await your contact.
Best Regards

Friday, January 29, 2010

Lardboy's Rutland Wipe-Round

Lardboy's Rutland Wipe-Round

This sad attempt at humour was removed from the Rutland Chat Forum.

It is all one sided no right to reply.

Lardboy cowardly hides behind this made up name.

He is happy to include peoples full names.

Despite many requests for them to be removed.

Lardboy has very strong links with Rutland on-line they wont tell us who he is.

We think he is Charles Haworth.