Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Oakham Town Centre Electric and Water Main Replacement and Town Centre Improvements

If these naughty ex town cllrs were not so unpleasant they would not be blocked

I know they both read my blog so I will repeat what they have missed here :-)

Good to see Mr Beech is not encouraging the horrible John Kennedy to post
things against me. It is hard to believe the age of this man who is willing to
do such childish and unpleasant things.

What they missed:

Western Power is now planning to replace the electric main from the castle
to Mill Street and the High Street Oakham up to Wilko Melton Road.

Rutland County Council is currently planning major town centre improvements.

This will see the replacement of the paving slabs which many people trip on.

Rutland County Council is talking to the power company and is hoping that
when they replace the mains cable and all the property connections they will
surface the pavements temporarily with tarmac.

It is also being planned that the water company will then follow the electricity
company and replace the water main and all the premises connections.

The work is expected to take around nine months no start date has yet been set.
So it looks like it will be some considerable time before any town centre improvements
are completed here in Oakham.

I have no information relating to Station Road.

Has something new come out about the High Street and Station Road development?
Paul Beech Something on debate Your Voice FB pages. Seems to have been mentioned by you know who and responded to by other members.
John Kennedy I can't see his posts and have given up posting anything against him 
Paul Beech Not asking to post anything against him, just wanted to know if there was any new reports about the High Street and Station Road.
John Kennedy Paul Beech I can't see anything he posts, apart from the main part of his Blog on facebook