Monday, October 10, 2016

Adam Lowe Oakham Mayor Conduct Complaint Against Cllr Martin Brookes 34 16 my response

Adam Lowe Oakham Mayor Conduct Complaint Against Cllr Martin Brookes 34  16 my response

The allegation made against me is not true, I have not published any exempt material.

The complaint is not very clear so i am just guessing it refers to this:

If you look at the meeting agenda Cllr Lowe refers to you see Cllr Haley presented his rolling
report publicly to the full council before the exempt item. My blog comment is based on
past meetings not exempted and that report. The same report is to be consider by council
again this Wednesday and contains updated information which is confidential, Cllr Haley
has publicly published the rent amount agreed. This council is farcical. I have asked a Rutland
County Councillor to pass you a copy of the public report, his opinion is I have not published
anything confidential. The only reason it has become confidential recently is because the
council is stupid enough to believe it will be able to hide from the public it has given away
something it hold in trust for the residents of Oakham and it is my duty as a Cllr to let them know.

Looking at the public report you will also see it contains the name of the company the council
is leasing the property to and details of their expression of interest although the Ark Association
had asked for that not to be made public at this stage if anyone us guilty of breaching confidentiality
it is the chairman Adam Lowe and His sidekick Cllr Michael Haley they put this information
into the public domain not me.

The interest expressed by the Ark Association has never been confidential for many years it has
been raised at full council

It only became confidential when I started to object that they were being offered the property
below the valuation and it had not been publicly advertised. The exempt item included a complicated
plan for rent payments which I have not published. The document was removed from me unlawfully and with the use of force by Cllr Adam Lowe he took the chain and his jacket and tie off.
Oakham Town Council meetings have become worse than a UKIP meeting and are now controlled
by intimidation and bullying all hidden behind the misuse of the exempt item.

Cllr Lowe is a thug and a nasty bully.