Sunday, November 27, 2016

Oakham Christmas Lights Switched On, The Tree Will Be Switched on 5th December by The Mayor Mr British Empire Leicester & High Sheriff

Oakham Christmas Lights Switched On The Tree Will Be Switched on 5th December by The Mayor Mr British Empire Leicester & High Sheriff

Oakham Mayor Cllr Adam Lowe has invited Mr British Empire Leicester Paul
Neenoo to help switch on the towns Christmas tree, Cllr Vince Howard has
also invited the High Sheriff of Rutland

Some one has decided the decorating of the christmas tree as a result of the fb campaign will be happening on Sunday 4th December at 10am and not today as publicised this morning on
Rutland Radio.

The Mayor says:

Vince and myself will ensure that the higher branches are managed safely.

Anyone who wants to come down and get involved feel free, it is an opportunity for us to work with the community with a common objective, it should be fun. :-)

Paul is asking people to give him £1 for charity.

I ask the Mayor Cllr Adam Lowe if the money should be given to the Mayors charity
he said NO Thanks because he is 100% Sponsored whatever that means.
I asked the Mayor who is sponsoring him and who is his nominated charity, he did not

I can not check because Oakham Town Council no longer publishes anything online
that it is legally required to.

Oakham Christmas Lights 2016:

Another year and another £18,000 well spent with Lite Ltd by Oakham Town Council.

Each year the lights get less as lights from the side streets are used up to replace
defective lights in the high street.

Earlier this year The Town Partnership and a Councillor organised a dinner dance
event to raise money to buy additional lights for the town.

It is said the event did not make a profit.

I sent a email to the Councillor involved and asked are we awaiting delivery of
the lights or were the comments being made that the event did not make money

He has not responded.

The Mayor responded via email suggesting I might have embarrassed the Councillor
by asking the questions.

Well at least he tried.

If he is embarrassed I don't know why its NOT as if people are suggesting he spent
the funds on a dirty weekend at Skegness.

A couple a years ago a decoration was purchased for this lamp
and it never was switched now it has not been installed.

Four Christmas's ago Oakham Town Council binned new
LED lights for this street and purchased new icicle lights
and the following year decided not to put them up and
for some unexplained reason they can not say what has
happened to the lights.

There has been complaints from traders in the street.
Although I wonder why like Market Street and most
of Church Street they don't have any. I have little
sympathy because unlike most other towns the traders
in Oakham don't contribute a penny towards the lights.

The good news is some residents are talking about
tendering as a decorating committee when Lites contract
ends in two years. Maybe they will do a better job than
the council and explain to traders that lights do cost money.


This one is not working

The splendid closed pub building on the right is currently up for
sale at a reduced freehold price of under £400,000 at