Thursday, February 09, 2017

Tesco Instore Photographic Policy Has Changed.

Tesco Instore Photographic Policy Has Changed.

For many years I have taken photographs and made videos in our local Tesco Store here
in Oakham.

Of just showing seasonal products and charity events run by the store.

So you can imagine my disappointment today after my shopping trip to spend my clubcard
vouchers I here my name called out by Bernic Loudon the store compliance manager as I am
leaving the store. I turned and saw her with the security guard. I asked what I had done wrong
in a friendly manner.

After last nights dreadful council meeting I was feeling very tired today and decided not to go to
the self service checkout as a normally do and went to a checkout operated by one one the best
members of staff. So as far as I knew nothing was wrong and complied with her request to return
to the door way.

Once there I was told I must no longer take photographs in the store, I explained I thought
Tesco had no problem with customers taking photographs instore.
She said it was against store policy and I would be banned from the store if I took photographs

 The security guard added he had never had a problem with me but the current management

Bernice then said I could take photographs of empty shelves and from that comment
I got to the bottom of the issue, The management do not like the blog post below.
If they have a problem then they should have spoken to me in store and not stop out side as
if I had stolen a bottle of gin or something. Especially as I had not taken any photographs
during today's visit.

I telephoned Tesco HQ and they told me they have change their policy regarding photographs
instore, customers can take photograph as long as they seek management consent. I don't think
I will bother.

I forgot to mention in the offending post whilst Tesco was subject to supply issues our new Aldi had was stocked with wonderful reasonable priced fresh fruit and vegetables.

If you click on this link you can view 467 of my Tesco Oakham related photographs I have taken
over the last 9 years. I have also photographed empty shelves after the Christmas Rush and a precious bad weather issue with no problems then.

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Tesco Oakham Rutland Fruit and Vegetables Shortages

Tesco Oakham Rutland Fruit and Vegetables Shortages

Shortages due to poor weather in supplying countries like Spain.

Whilst shopping at Tesco yesterday I could not help notice how popular many salad items had become and its only February.

Notices say it due to supply problems.

Other reasons could be due to panic buying as customers fill their trolleys as soon as staff fill the empty shelves.

One customer said "you must grab it when you can"

As far as I know Tesco does not stock long life fruit and vegetables, I am guessing a lot of plastic bags are going to sit in people fridges until they pop them into the bin to join the mountain that is dealt with each week throughout the world

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