Friday, March 31, 2017

Oakham School Rutland Today Remembers Pupil aged 16 who committed Suicide last week

Oakham School Rutland Today Remembers Pupil aged 16 who committed Suicide last week

A memorial service is to be held today in the school chapel for a boy who tragically 
took his own life last week.

My thoughts are especially with his family and the young friend who found him.

Whatever you're going through, call the Samaritans free any time, 
from any phone on 116 123.


Suicide is a leading cause of death for young people in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Reducing teenage suicide

3 crucial initiatives to combat teenage suicide:
  1. Helping pupils develop emotional skills
    Our emotional health activities in schools help young people develop the awareness and skills they need to manage difficult times in their lives.
  2. Being available whenever young people need to talk
    We know that teenagers feel more comfortable communicating by text or email, so we've made ourselves available for them this way, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  3. We're responding quickly whenever there's a crisis
    Suicide in schools can act as a trigger for other young people who may be going through a difficult time or struggling to cope themselves.

    When a suicide occurs our specially trained volunteers offer support to schools.

Your donation

Your donation can help us combat teenage suicide and offer young people a confidential place to explore their feelings.
If you would like to help us support young people before they reach crisis point, please donate online today.

Are you worried your child may be feeling suicidal? Do you need to know where to get help and what to do next? YoungMinds is here to support you.

Maytree is a registered charity supporting people in suicidal crisis in a non-medical setting. If you, or someone you know, could benefit from a one-off stay in a safe and confidential space, please call us today on 020 3820 5292 or email