Sunday, May 07, 2017

Leicester City Centre

Big Issue Seller Granby Street Leicester
plenty of seller about on the streets of 

Never Settle for Less Than Your Best

NatWest Bank 

Feeding the Pigeons 

There are lots of homeless people 
many drink and beg

Former Rackhams Department Signs
House of Fraser

Currently a House of Fraser Outlet Store
due to close, (it is a bit smelly inside)

Street Performer 

Little Girl wearing her best pearls 

Dog accompanying its owner who turns the street into a club
man starts up his generator and starts mixing club music on the street.

Former British Home Stores 

Free Copies of the Leicester Mercury distributed in Granby Street (Current retail price 80p)

Hen Party New Walk Leicester 

Homeless Man Humberstone Gate

The rise of the Gourmet Burger or should I say over priced
Leicester has many outlet serving up the expensive alternative
 to Mc Donald's or Burger King
This Location was once home to British Homes 
Stores as shown on a book of Leicester old photographs sold
in a Oakham Charity shop recently

Foot Locker

Islam Against Extremism 

Leicester City Council 
Enforcement Officers

Homeless Man Reading Leicester Mercury 

Leicester Railway Station 
Cross Country Train
British Transport Police

Street Drinking common sight in Leicester City Centre

Thomas Cook possibly with a notice to the pigeons?
'shit on Luton' not me

Leicester Waterways