Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Oakham Festival 2017 Listings

Oakham Festival 2017

Most Festival get bigger not here in Oakham each year for the last four or five ours
has become smaller.

If there was no Festival most if not all these events would still go ahead.

The Festival Committee really needs to recruit a proper events organiser.

The Festival and Carnival used to be a great event, Joy Everett and her team
use to do a grand job.

It all fell apart when Cllr Joyce Lucas got involved fortunately she is no longer
involved with Oakham in Bloom or the Festival freeing the members from
confrontation this could mean we will see improvements next year.

This year once again there is little or nothing for the young people.

And why the list Oakham School's event the Big Band, last year it was listed
as sold out on publication of the listings.
Last year I went to the school and the deputy head told me it is not Festival