Friday, June 23, 2017

Kavanagh's Tea Room Staff Clean Oakham With Pride,

Kavanagh's Tea Room Staff Clean Oakham With Pride,

The staff and owners of Kavanagh's have noticed like so many
of us Rutland County Councils Contractors don't clean our town
up as well as it should do.

Kavanagh's have decided it is pointless asking Rutland County
Council to sort it out, they have taken on the task of keeping
the Old Butter Cross, Road and Pavements near their tea room
clear of litter.

Yesterday staff volunteered to clean up thousands of cigarette
ends from under the Butter Cross.

I often see Royal Mail staff using this area for smoking.
I hope they don't discard their cigarette ends here?

Kavanagh's staff , washed the stones removing
whatever the White Cider drinkers of our community leave behind.

The owner of Kavanagh's said "we should all take pride in the
town where we live and work in" she added she was prompted to
take action after seeing visitors to the town with small children
sitting by the stocks for photographs, surrounded by the dirt.

Oakham wines is another retailer who carries out a daily battle
against litter outside his store.