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Always a interesting read.

Little Build Rutland County Council Oakham Town Council

Good to see Rutland County Council listens sometimes.

I only mention this because this was the first proposal I made at Oakham Town Council.

It was accepted by Oakham Town Council excluding one member who I cant name because does not believe in accountability.

If I had shut up as a new member for the suggested first six months this recommendation would never reached Rutland County Council.

And also thanks to the resident who turned up to explain concerns, if residents don't tell Councillor's things it is hard to serve their needs.

For the first time ever 3 other Cllrs will be holding a surgery on May 1st in the Council Chamber at Victoria Hall.

I am told the office door will be locked and they have been offered the same conditions I was. I escape route or phone. I hope so, I will be in to check.

Vandals Break Oakhams New Play Equipment

Vandals Break Oakham's New Play Equipment

A letter has been published in the Rutland Times 'Congratulations all round to those involved in the new play equipment at Royce Park.'

'It was an excellent choice of equipment by the town council.'

(The equipment was chosen by the children and their families)

The large swing has now been broken twice by groups of local teenagers, the first time within three days of being open, the second time within three days of having been repaired.

(Sadly the swing was never designed for 30 young people to use at the same time)

The swing seat has again been removed for repair. We now have an art installation of a three-arch metal structure with chains.

(The Swing is beyond repair this time Kompan as a good will guesture will replace it free this time, in future it looks like the local tax payer will have to foot the bill)

Another excellent choice was the large blue raised stage/dance area cum target for children to throw rocks at (Oh sorry apparently that is a container used by the contractors that remains on site three weeks after they left.) Surely somebody, either the council or the contractors, should have had this removed.

(I spoke to Oakham Town Council this morning, it appears Rutland County Council have not responded to the Town Council request to store new play equipment destined for Cutts Close, The Town Clerk is currently on sick leave and his assistant is chasing this up now.)

Other than that, the rest of the equipment is very good. The only downside is that people don't seem to use the bins.

(There are many bins in the area and yes the writer is correct they are rarely used some day's you would think the street and play area was the litter bin. I have witnessed adults as well as young people dropping litter. unfortunately I don't  think Rutland County  Council has any bylaws regarding litter, I guess this is why they don't employ enforcement officers. The littering of the County is a huge problem, I have spoken to litter pickers who clean the layby's beside the A1. the spend up to 2 hours a day clearing litter. They provide their bosses with before and after photographs as the men in suits did not think they were doing the job correctly. I am not sure where they think they collected the daily truck load of litter from?)

Probably the local schools could run workshops on how to use a bin, although I would miss watching my council tax being spent on two or three men spending anywhere up to an hour collecting the litter some days.

(fortunately the Town Council pays a flat fee for litter picking. Also Cllr Joyce Lucas unpaid clears up every day. Parents could play a role in this. When I was a child I was told to bring the litter home and then told off for forgetting to take the litter out of my pockets on wash day!)

Google Analytics

On Monday I registered my blog with Google Analytics.

I checked the site out this morning, it is rather amusing to find how people have stumbled across my blog.

25 people appear to be searching for a Gay Sauna in Oakham Leicester.
Keyword: +gay +sauna +oakham +leicester Mar 30, 2010 - Apr 29, 2010

Well even if they had used the correct county name, Rutland they would not find one we don't have one in Oakham.

There is a straight massage parlour in Oakham.

I wonder if there is a missed business opportunity?

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"+gay +sauna +oakham +leicester" sent 25 total visits

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Abolish Oakham Town Council

At long last I have received a response from the Legal Officer at Rutland County Council.

I will receive a full response next week outlining the correct procedure to call for a referendum to abolish Oakham Town Council.

Oakham Town Council has forgot its purpose.

The population of Rutland is so small it does not need a two tier system of local government.

Axe finally falls on Southsea Town Council Premium Article !
Published Date:
25 March 2010
Southsea Town Council is finally set to be abolished for good on St George's Day.
Portsmouth City Council agreed to axe it after a postal ballot found 66 per cent of Southsea residents who voted were in favour of seeing it scrapped.

Oakham Town Council Extra Meeting

Oakham Town Council

Extra meeting.

An Extra Meeting of Oakham Town Council, has been called for
Wednesday 5th May 2010  7.00pm

at the offices of Oakham Town Council, Victoria Hall, 39 High Street Oakham.


1. Apologies

2. Councillors Questions

I have tabled 7 questions.

3. Exclusion of Public and Press

I will be voting against this, The Town Council Sgould be open and accountable to those we serve.

4. Delegation to the Assistant Clerk.

5. Staffing Matters.

It is looking more likely the Town Clerk has taken the long term sick route or he has resigned who knows? not me I am only a councillor.

I hope members won't object to Ms Greaves bring her dog to work, she tells me it is house trained and rather small and cute. She will then be able to take on a fulltime role.

I recieved a email from Rutland County Council Legal Department they suggest I am making a statement relating to the Town Clerk it is not a statement I am asking a question.

If the Town Council Deputy Chairman did not exclude me from council matters I would not need to assume anything on my PRIVATE blog.

They kindly confirm The Town Clerk is off Sick although my caclulation makes it longer than a week.

Labour Rutland Bigot

Sitting in the the Library this morning a very well spoken Labour supporter and former army man, sat talking of his disappointment. Gordon Brown had shot himself in the foot he said.

The man then went on to say I hope it does not stop Labour winning and getting rid of the Tory Mr Duncan.

He then went on to explain for us to hear, because as a army veteran he found Mr Duncan's homosexual life immoral. amongst other things.

At this point I called the man a bigot! maybe Gordon Browne is correct. When he describes Labour supporters.

I then asked the man not to use a person sexuality for a reason not to vote Torie. give me a better reason and he went on to say Mr Duncan is a criminal.

I could see I was not going to get any sensible debate from Rutland Bigot so I shut up and the man left. I told him I look forward to seeing him at the next Oakham Town Council meeting he would fit in well.

Labours Rutland and Melton’s Mr Morgan out about in Oakham

Labours Rutland and Melton’s Mr Morgan, chat to shoppers yesterday in Oakham.

Why do we freeze here in Rutland, when you send the winter fuel allowance to expatriates living in Spain and other warm countries.

Mr Morgan was unaware this happened.

To be fair if you are old and live in the Algarve at the moment it’s about 2 degrees cooler than the East Midlands. So if you are used to very hot weather during summer 19 or 20 degrees can feel cold.

Oakham School Concert Programme

Music at Lunchtime Wednesday’s, 1.30pm at All Saints’ Church

I found this a real treat and it’s free.

Before catching the train to Leicester Job Link to carry out job search, My ears were treated to Compositions & Piano Duets.

Concerts are held each Wednesday at All Saint’s Church Oakham.

Clays Oakham Charity Ladies Night

Wednesday 12th May 2010

Charity Night

Clays Bar, Club Oakham Strip Night

Clays Bar, Club Oakham Strip Night

After I posted details about Clay’s forthcoming, strip night.
I received a commenting that suggests I had forgotten to mention the event was for an unknown breast cancer charity.

So I went back to look at the poster and yes in the small print at the bottom of the poster it does state the event is for charity. The photo above has been enlarged.
I hope the ladies of Oakham and Rutland can afford the £15 and support this event.
Last year the event cost £5 and no money was given to charity. I don’t object to this kind of event they happen up and down the country. It is all very new to Oakham and Rutland.
Last year I photographed the event and posted the result on Flickr a few thousand people enjoyed the photographs. A few bigots form Oakham Town Council complained, they had never seen woman enjoying the male form before. Very, very shocking for Oakham town councillors.
The shock waves spread to Rutland Council and the licensing officer contacted the owner!
Charity of course will add creditability to this years event, although I believe the licensing committee is a bit short sighted, maybe Mr Clay should rush out and replace his posters. CHARITY in bold at the top would help.
In future can I suggest Mr Clay looks after the licensing committee and puts on a show of female strippers as I know Oakham Town Council don’t like Drag Queens or Gay Male stripper teasing the ladies. Maybe to girls from Miss Rutland could support any future event. It so good to see Rutland has finally caught up with the 1970’s

Could Mr Clay also pull his radio advert? most annoying four times this month I have visited for a coffee with friends to find Clays Closed, Advert states open 7 days a week from noon.

All Saints’ Church Yard Oakham

All Saints’ Church Yard Oakham

Oakham Town Council is expected to contribute nearly £3,000
of local tax payer’s money to repair the grave yard.

Oakham School is only willing to contribute the labour,
after it was found some of its staff had
contributed to the damage caused
by parking on the grave stones.

The church despite, some of its members and visiting clergy,
contributing to the damage have no money to give.
Oakham Town Council use local tax payer’s money
for the general upkeep of the church yard.
This is common practice throughout England

What I find strange is The Town Council also pays
for the upkeep of the church clock.
I am starting to wonder what else the Town Council
pays for and should not be paying for.
The Chairman of Oakham Town Council
is a member of this church. Many residents of the town
are not so why are they expected to pay to maintain and fix the clock each

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Parliamentary debate at All Saints Church Oakham Rutland, Hosted by the Rev Lee

27th April 2010
Parliamentary debate at All Saints Church Oakham Rutland, Hosted by the Rev Lee

The BNP were invited, the invitation could not be accepted.

The five other candidates for Rutland and Melton who attended were.
Mr Baker for UKIP
Mr Duncan for Conservatives
Mr Higgins Independent
Mr Hudson Liberal Democrats
Mr Morgan Labour Party

All candidates gave an opening statement;
I noted a point that stood out for me from each candidate’s statement.

Mr Baker for UKIP Labour has given everything away.

Mr Duncan for Conservatives Labour are spent out.

Mr Higgins Independent (left) I stood because there was no one I could vote for.

Mr Hudson Liberal Democrat,
I stood because my wife was fed up with me shouting at the TV
and told me to put up or shut up!

Mr Morgan Labour,
I joined Labour because I wanted to change the world.
(he was only 15 then)

Six prepared question were asked.

The first question was asked by Gordon Wood a Church Warden. (right) It related to public sector cuts.
Mr Duncan said Rutland County Council
was already very lean and efficient.
Mr Hudson said it was a great pity Rutland’s education budget had been cut,
he said Liberals would end the child trust fund,
end ID Card Scheme
and chose a different system from Trident.

Mr Morgan was critical of Rutland County Council,
Agreed with Mr Hudson on Trident and ID Cards.
He would also fight to keep the minor injuries open at Oakham Hospital.

Mr Baker said UKIP was not a single issue party,
UKIP would get rid of 850,000 civil servants.

Mr Higgins said people were confused about proposed cuts
and asked that we should all be treated like adults and be honest about cuts.

The next question came from the Rev. Baggot a retired Methodist minister.
The question was about climate change.

Mr Hudson said this was a very important issue.

Mr Baker explained how the earth was moving towards the sun
C02 was not to blame.
Gordon Brown should be sent to prison.

Mr Higgins disputed Mr Bakers answer
and confirmed C02 does contribute to global warming.

Mr Duncan agreed with Mr Higgins and Global warming
was not a subject to be relegated,
we should trust the scientists and nuclear power
was the way forward.

The next question was from Rob Beardsley a Baptist minister.
It was based on Christian’s rights and beliefs.

Some candidates appeared not to fully understand the question.
My understanding from the Rectors explanation
Christians were concerned about legislation from central government.
Possible there was to much political correctness.

Mrs Clifton spoke of her experience with girl guides during a recent trip to
Birmingham the group was ask to dumb down the religious content of the event
so not to upset people of other faiths.
My Nan would have been horrified if she was not dead
she was a commissioner of the girl guides
and I often enjoy guide camps as a boy
I could never understand why my tent had to be in another field.

Mr Duncans Army Rob  and Mrs Clifton (right)

Sorry back to the answers

Mr Morgan respected all religious groups
and stated everyone has rights.

Mr Baker said he was a Boy Scout and still is and lives up to the movement’s values,
objects to the political correctness of the Labour party.
He felt too many Muslims had been let in.
We must send back those who object to British and Culture
and impose the culture they enjoy and enjoy it back home.

Mr Higgins Said everyone should be free to express there own religion.

Mr Duncan Said Christianity should not be relegated.
The Lords prayer should be taught in all schools and
the views of all churches should be respected.

Mr Hudson Said there was a need to teach tolerance,
more interfaith groups to avoid radicalisation in all religions.
He wished for peace and hope and promotion of a better understanding.

Peter Kindel a retired bank manager.

When bank manager were bank managers stated Mr Baker.

His question was bas on retirement and the provision for retirement.

Mr Duncan Said it was simple people are retiring to early,
the age of retirement ha to rise, as life expectancy rises.

Mr Hudson would like to see Index linked pensions restored.
Remove age discrimination and reform public sector pensions.

Mr Morgan living longer is not a problem.
The 75p pension increase was a big mistake made by his party.
He also felt the retirement age did not need to rise.

Mr Baker Said the welfare state had not kept up with the changing times.
Pension need to rise.

Mr Higgins Said there need to be more creditability with pension funds.

Then the Rev Susie Parson asked a question relating to peace and foreign policy.

Mr Baker replied how! the hell do you do it?
The Wisdom of Solomon would help but he has been dead for 3000 years.

Mr Duncan Hopes for peace in the Middle East.

Mr Higgins Hope and Prays people will talk.

Mr Hudson thinks the people of Palestine have been treated appallingly.
Sending Tony Blair in to sort things out was like sending in King Herod,
the Lib Dems would remove Mr Blair.

Mr Morgan Agreed with Mr Duncan’s policy for the Middle East.
He is opposed to nuclear weapons.
He does not agree with the entire content of his parties manifesto.

Mr Cullen asked the last question although he was not present to hear the answers.

He asked do you support faith schools.

Mr Hudson replied yes, there is a role for faith schools.

Mr Morgan said he was a bit sceptical faith schools
are good and all schools should be good.

Mr Baker stated he had nothing against faith schools,
they just need monitoring.

Mr Higgins Said faith schools are good
and every child should have a good education.

Mr Duncan Said he is a strong supporter of faith schools,
although he had a slight fear some may isolate some
children from the rest of the community.

All candidates were then given time to give a closing statement.

Mr Morgan Labour Don’t let the Conservatives back in.

Mr Hudson Liberal Democrat It’s a very unpredictable election
and people seemed to have found a passion for politics.
This was now a three horse race.

Mr Higgins Independent
Normal people feel they don’t have a say.

(Mr Higgins often used the word normal it reminded me of a fridge magnet I own.
There’s no such thing as NORMAL)

Mr Duncan Conservative There is no such thing as a safe seat.
Please do vote.
Think of the long term interest of the country.

Mr Baker UKIP £45,000,000 sent to the EU each day.
We need to be free of the EU.
The other three main parties are all failures.
The truth is so bad there is no need to lie.

The End of the meeting/debate/ question time.


It was a pleasure to be invited to the Wheat Sheaf by Mr Duncan*
and his team along with Mr Hudson and his wife and Mr Higgins and his agent.

(* Mr Duncan saved a packet, rules say he cant not buy electors drinks
although in my case it would not have been a problem because
I hand delivered my postal vote first thing that morning)

Before we departed the Church Ms Pender
made her own statement this caused some offence
to some members of the public.
I fully support freedom of speech and Ms Pender
 of course exercised her right.
I was embarrassed and shocked when a lady asked me to control my wife!
I explained Ms Pender was not my wife.
I would like to thank Mrs Clifton for her simple explanation
 as to why Ms Pender could not possibley be my wife.
I am not sure if Rutland people will understand
I would use the term Fag Hag.
Ms Pender has apologised to me.

Oakham Town Council is being asked to payout thousands of pounds of tax payer’s money

Oakham Town Council is being asked to payout thousands of pounds of tax payer’s money restoring the grass area of All Saints Church Yard. People park, in the grave yard and on the grave stones.

I will be voting against Oakham Town Council paying this large sum required.

I suggest the Chairman of Oakham Town Council
returns the allowance paid to her this would help cover the cost.

The car photographed is often seen parked here and
when the driver leaves he turns and drives over grave stones.

The driver and owner of this car is the son of The Chairman of Oakham Town Council.
A member of All Saints Church fabric committee was very disappointed to witness this.

There is a warning sign on the tree as drivers enter No Parking Risk of subsidence.

It appears Oakham Town Councillors are allowed to break the law
this also applies to their immediate family.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It’s All Happening in Oakham This Week, Elections

Helen Pender has been locked out of Oakham Town Council.
I know the feeling Helen after all, I am a Town Councillor
and I am not allowed in the office.

The Town Clerk is taking sick leave it is looking highly likely this could become long term.
An internal audit has been cancelled! I can’t see any reason why this could not go ahead. The AGM is set for the 12th May 2010 I raised the AGM at the end of the last council meeting,

Due to RATS performing upstairs at the same time as the planned AGM meeting of the town council we were asked to move the time of the AGM, of course we can’t do that the law would not allow us to change it so easily. The council can change the venue. I believe it may be held at the congregational church hall. As neither the Chairman, Deputy Chairman consults with me about council decisions I can’t be sure.

Tonight Election Fever hits Oakham at 7pm
debate at All Saint’s Church.
We are told the candidates from the three main parties will be present.

It is my view and other members of the public a church
is not an appropriate venue for political debate.

The Rector states his political independence from the candidates
 or as is the case in the past our MP, when chairing these types of meetings.
I have heard many members of the public state otherwise.

Mr Duncan has been quoted in the past saying
he does not object to heckling.
How can people do this in the house of God?
We could pray?

If the BNP candidate is given time to speak I would most likely want to heckle him.
I would want to know why?
They have such an issue about GAY people.
His image of a Happy British Family makes no sense to me.
If this is true why would a happily married County Councillor feel the need to frequent the most,
smelly loo in Oakham? I don’t cottage, but if I did,
I would prefer to frequent the very clean one maintained by Oakham Town Council!
The one Rutland County Council maintains is a disgrace gas mask or clothes peg highly recommended.*

(*in my official or private capacity I am not condoning or promoting the missuse of any public facilty)

I am told the BNP candidate was not invited to speak in the church although he is a Christian .
The homophobic bigots on Oakham Town Council won’t be pleased.
You can not even write an express concern to the BNP in Rutland because of Rutland County Council censorship the BNP web site is blocked at the library along with Gaydar Radio!
Along with many other perfectly acceptable sites just for containing the word Gay.

The race is on for Number 10

Will it be a hung parliament?

Cllr Alan Walters Oakham Town Council NE Ward

'Mr Alan Walters has with immediate effect became an Oakham Town Councillor.' 
(Rutland Radio News) according to RCC it's tomorrow! 
I question this after I was elected unopposed
12th February 2010
the Town Clerk, Chairman and Deputy
all refused to allow me to sign my consent form until
3rd March 2010.
This was a blatant, interference of the electoral process.
I have now reported this action to the appropriate bodies.

I am expecting Mr Walters will become the council’s official photographer
and will also hold the responsible position of online forum advisor.
Mr Walters and his online friends do know who the F*** I am!

Will it all change for Britain
when we wake up on the morning of
7th May 2010



Rutland County Councils Leader R Begy OBE
NO Rutland has to wait till next year for
County Council Elections













Wait and See
The Fun Fair has come to town
and will depart Cutts Close after the
bank holiday.