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Forget M&S Oakham Chicken I found a Butchers in Oakham Selling Chinese Pork Ribs & the pig had never been to China

Forget M&S Oakham Chicken I found a Butchers in Oakham Selling Chinese Pork Ribs & the pig had never been to China
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Tesco Sensible Cllr Lucas Oakham Town Council v Rutland County Council

This weeks Rutland Times publishes a report about Tesco planning application.

It includes the following:

Oakham Town Council voted to support the plans.
Councillor Joyce Lucas, who represents Oakham north west ward on the town council, said: “I think the decision being referred to full council is a sensible idea.
“This is a democracy and it needs to be debated properly.
“I voted in favour of the plans because from doing surveys in my ward and from letters I have received people in north west Oakham want the expansion.”

Yes Cllr Lucas it would have been sensible if Oakham Town Council had debated the matter correctly in the first place and then the public would not have thought you and others were stupid.

Have you forgot how you and Cllr Dewis stood in consultation with the public one Saturday morning earlier this year trashing any thought of any development at Tesco.

At your first meeting you voted against the application. It's a fact you had the casting vote. The public thought you were crazy not because of your vote because of the way you chaired the meeting.

If Oakham Town Council had not messed up over the revised plans. You would not have been able to change your vote.

I trust you are a very proud tree warden voting to destroy a conservation area.

So I don't think you are qualified to speak to the press and suggest how Rutland County Council should conduct its planning matters.

As Oakham's tree warden you should be tying yourself to the trees that will be chopped down, I would start with the rare Elm.

The land behind the house in Brook Road would make a lovely Community Orchard. Much more suitable than a car park.

Harassment Oakham Style

For those who have been following my blog for sometime you will know a local man has a unhealthy obsession with me and has been harassing me for months.

He gives my name and details to many companies claiming I need grave stones and other services. opened accounts with mail order companies and sent me numerous items of  clothing for fat people and woman. Very odd. Some of the companies have been very helpful in providing me with evidence to help me trace and stop this mans harassment.

A lot of the time the phone calls don't bother me because I block unknown or withheld numbers.

By going public with some of what I know, I am hoping this man will leave me alone. Because it is clear to me he has serious problems in his life and doesn't need any more.

I have now been sent an example of his handwriting,  shown in photo above. (he is also a Daily Mail Reader!)

I also have ID details of one of his computers.

Harassment is a serious offence so please stop. When you are exposed and you will be, it may cause you considerable embarrassment. 

I can't be fairer than that. when you are exposed, I will publish your photo and details and what you have done on every blog site available.  Now You have been warned take note!

Spire Homes Longhurst Group Green?

 Spire Homes Part of the Longhurst Group is very proud of its green award, so why are they destroy green habitat here in Oakham?

Cathy Sellars, Project Manager, said “I am delighted that we have received national recognition for the environmental accomplishments on the Seaton Road Uppingham scheme. It is a fantastic achievement for Spire Homes and it demonstrates our commitment to environmental best practice

Earlier this year Spire Homes instructed contractor to destroy hedge rows throughout Rutland and replace with concrete posts and shoddy wooden fences and gates.

Many residents complained to Spire Homes and work was stopped after it was found nesting of birds was being disturbed.

The work has now restarted and speaking to local resident they are not happy with the destruction.

Some have said they find their gates are hung the wrong way. I have learnt there is a correct way  to hang a gate.

Of course these thin wooden gates have replaced some very sturdy metal gates.

The issue I have with Spire Homes is I am lease holder and jointly own a path with two exits and as the freeholders they are legally obliged to consult with the lease holders before carrying out any works.

They never consult lease holders and always lay the blame with there contractors. It is not the contractors responsibility the are only meant to carry out work.

The last issue with Spire Homes I had with Spire Homes was when I received a letter in my door from a contractor telling me he required access to my home to replace a TV aerial and if I could not b e home to leave a key with some one. This letter was also sent to tenants who asked me was it a scam.

Now if Spire Homes had consulted with residents it would not have been a issue.

Spire home gave leaseholder a free aerial I am not sure why all my neighbours had just recently spent hundreds of pounds upgrading their aerials but happily accept the new free aerial.

When Spire home took over from Rutland County Council the government gave them millions of pounds they would not give to Rutland County Council. I am guessing its a case of we have the money so lets spend it. most of the contractor benefiting from this windfall are based outside Rutland.

The ones destroying hedge rows should win an award for the most inconsiderate contractor as they have broadcast Radio One to the whole street since the early hour of the morning.  One neighbour asked me is it legal for them to employ children.

To finish when is Spire Homes going to listen to resident all your mountains of junk mail say you do, but my experience is you don't!

This gate post in good condition like many others will
be removed later and replace with a new concrete
post like so many other what a waste.

Many Spire Homes Tenants now find they have no privacy 
this is the back garden now clearly visible 
from the street.

Working Links Leicester

A wall of the new John Lewis store. Highcross ...
Sorry another moan about working Links Leicester.

When you fiirst attend working Links Leicester you are told how important CV's are, this is no longer true.
Many comanies no longer accept CV's our own Council Rutland County Council don't accept CV's

But still advisors at Working Links insist their clients keep wasting time and paper sending them out.

Two weeks ago after moaning about my referal to another company, who would be paid  to give me  four weeks basic office training. An adivsor suggests I wrote to five retailers of my choice and send them my CV and ask for a job or work exeperience. I  did this and two weeks on I received one reply from John Lewis, the reply is the standard sent out by many companies.

.......... ending in We appreciate your time and
enthusiasm shown to join our branch, however unfortunatley John Lewis Leicester no longer accept CV's as a form of application. We thank you for  considering us within *you employment search and wish you luck in the future.

*good to see John Lewis can make typiing errors like me.

I learnt a long time ago this process of application was no longer acceptable, after making follow up enquireries with Boots, I found most employers now use web based comapnies, they vet applications, as is the case with Boots a job can be advertised with the Jobcentre and once a set amount of application are received the application is pulled from the site. A store manager told me they can no longer have any input regarding recruitment.

 So I wonder when Working Links are going to inform their advisors and bring them up to date.

If employers don't speak to people anymore, this could explain why Working Links has no arragements with any employers to provide the compulsary four weeks work experience that is part of the so called New Deal Scheme and can only offer very basic classroom  based courses .

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Amnesty International Candle Kings College Chapel Cambridge

Amnesty International
Amnesty International  Candle Kings College Chapel Cambridge
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The Pepys Library The Pepys Building Magdalene College Cambridge

Arms of Magdalene College, Cambridge

The Pepys Library The Pepys Building Magdalene College Cambridge

The Pepys Building houses the famous diaries that Samuel Pepys bequeathed, along with his unique library to College in 1703. Located in Second Court, this is the principal ornament of the College and of considerable architectural interest.

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Oakham Chicken

A real Oakham Chicken

I noticed this evening there has been
a lot of Twitter about real
Oakham Chicken

 Marks & Spencer Oakham Chicken
Looks like this, well part of one
Oakham™ Chicken crown with Bacon Lattice

Jinky's Pub Oakham Melton Road Oakham Rutland

Escut Rutland
Back in May 2008 John Woods  a local businessman applied for a licence to open a new pub in the west end of Oakham.

John Woods  applied to the Licensing Authority at Rutland County Council to convert the buildings at 14-16 Melton Road into a bar and restaurant called Jinky's.

His application included proposals to show films indoors, provide live and recorded music, facilities for making music and dancing or anything similar and the provision of late night refreshments. He also wanted permission to sell alcohol for consumption on and off the premises.

Oakham residents have often highlighted the west end of the town as a priority for improvements, but a county councillor feared the plans could hamper future projects.

Rutland County Council said: "The snag with these plans is that we are looking at major regeneration of the area over the next five years so the development of new businesses might not be the best thing at the moment.
"To do something major in that area will be a big job, not a quick solution where a cosmetic change will do, and if new businesses are there it will be hard to come up with a regeneration scheme."

Put simple the Council did not want a pub, Mr  Woods was having none of this and opened his pub.

Rutland County Council noticed a pub had opened and a lot of people were enjoying the service Mr Woods provided. Some Councillor were not happy it was not posh, the Town Councillor also noticed and wanted the place closed.

Understandable people living nearby were unhappy because the pub was open very late and drunk customers can be very noisy.

So in  March 2009 Jinky's was told bed early, and closed its doors at midnight.

Now Jinky's is back in the news Rutland County Council want to close it down.

Where will the customers go? maybe they can all visit the posh Italian in Gaol Street. I know its posh because a former town councillor told other councillors at a planning meeting it was ok to extend hours because the owner used to work for Rutland County Council and I know her so it will be ok. That was back in the days when Oakham town Councillors forgot to declare interests.

I don't use Jinky's, I fear if I was to venture in I may want to leave very quickly. The thought of it reminds me of when I first ventured into a gay bar at the age of 18 in London called the Colherne by mistake, very scary all those big men in leather uniforms, I had chosen the wrong place and quickly ran out. I am not saying Jinky's is a gay bar, no the opposite very macho bar, for scary football supporters and soldiers. What I am trying to say is everyone is different and needs different places to drink. I can't see any of these customers wanting a quiet drink in the Whipper Inn. Although the last time a friend took me there it was almost empty accept for two old rutlanders, the man started moaning 'we put up with the two gay guys, because they knew how to run a bar, these new Indian owners have ruined the place of course were not homophobic or racist.' His wife sat in an embarrassed silence. I do love the older Rutlanders attitudes. So maybe the Whipper Inn would welcome the custom. £6 a glass of wine I guess is not the same as a £1 a pint

Anyway back to Jinky's

Jinky's provides a service to a large group of locals I am guessing some of them are builders if they want to keep the bar why don't they help improve the look. Mr Woods is not very good at DIY. I feel certain if the outside looked better some people would be happy.

 The bar always welcomes home troops by displaying posters in the window.

I am not sure if it is true, I am told one poster counting down the days, was to welcome a ex offender home from prison.

Mr Woods has attempted to improve things by entering into the spirit of Oakham in Bloom.

Jinky's has multi coloured windows reminded me of Pinchbeck Nursery School.

you will notice they are all real wood they can not be replaced with UPVC as this building is listed and in a conservation area. Meaning planning will only recommend its demolition if Tesco wanted to build a petrol station.

Jinky's Oakham in Bloom Support

I wonder why Mr Woods locks his customers in
well he must do! The only way they seem to 
be able to leave is by kicking down the wall and fence 
at the rear of the pub. 

Once again you can see from the photographs below
Mr Woods has improved the pub by planting the garden

I understand Darts are now being played 
A Oakham Team would be good
now darts is become more popular once more

Jinky's is not just a blokes bar ladies are welcome
I saw one dragging her fella out and pulling his trousers 
down in the street. Just could not
wait to get her fit man home lol.

It must also be hard to please the Council when you have a conservation officer 
who wants to preserve a unused loo at the rear of these premises
but has no issue with Tesco wanting to demolition a dwelling in a 
conservation area and tarmac for extra parking.

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Oakham sign gets a makeover

Oakham sign gets a makeover

Dining Room Oakham Fire Inspection

Dining Room Oakham let fire inspectors in to inspect today.
The last time they obstrructed the fire service and were summoned
court for allowing staff to live and sleep on the floor upstairs.
The owners failed to appear in court.

Did Mrs Bean Tesco's Representative give false information at Rutland County Council Meeting?

At Monday's meeting Tesco's Representative Mrs Bean told the council committee and members of the public, claiming to be quoting from a retail report, Tesco staff contribute around £48,000 to the local retail economy, this was likely to increase to £59,000 if the store was expanded.

This raised a few questions from local people and prompted me to ask the planning department for a transcript of Mrs Bean's deputation or a copy of the report to see how they came to this figure.

Rutland County Councils planning department say this information is not in the mentioned report.

I am awaiting  clarification from Mrs Bean.

Is this a case of Tesco playing dirty tricks or just a error on her part, maybe Tesco can send a representative on 11th October 2010 who will tell the truth at a council meeting.

I wonder how much of the rest of Mrs Bean's  information was made up?

De Montfort University Leicester New and Old Photograph

De Montfort University Leicester New and Old Photograph

British Transport Police Leicester Railway Station Photograph

British Transport Police Leicester Railway Station Photograph

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


the church of jesus christ of latter-day saintsImage by paparutzi 
Today I travelled to Leicester Job Centre and was in a hurry to get to the Job Centre.

I was approached by two young mormons from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, as I arrived in Leicester we had an interesting chat walking towards the Job Centre. These were the first very determined mormans I have ever met.

I told them I have an interest in religion and that is far as it goes, due to my experience of the Church of England.

One of the Mormans asked me how would I know what religious path was correct? Then he told me his book had the answer, I have read the book online and dont believe it has the answer. I politely told him I respected his faith as I do all others. I dont think anyone can answer his question.

It put me in the mood to find out more about another religion that can be found in Leicester.

There are over 1500 religions in the world.

Jain Religion  or  Jainism

Indian civilisation has produced many philosophies and religions. Among them is Jainism, one of the oldest religion in the world. Though historians have made various speculations about its origins, the origin of Jainism remains untraceable. Jains believe it to be an eternal religion.

Jainism is a way of thinking and living based on logic and science.

There are about 30,000 Jains in the Europe, 50,000 in USA, and 12 million in the whole world

There are more than 10,000 Jain monks and nuns in India, but as they have taken the complete vow of non-violence and travel on feet, they cannot come to UK

The Outside of the Centre/Temple looks very splendid.

It has a figure that looks like Buddha but it is not it is Mahavira, who was thirty years older than Buddha.

Jain Centre
32 Oxford Street

The interior is very fine, the photo above 
is the property of the centre.

There are many fine staues photography is probibited.

For religious reasons, women in 
their menstrual period are not
allowed on the first floor

This is the first time I have seen a notice of this nature
It reminded me of a Church Warden at a Anglican Church
who told me she did not approve of woman servers, for this reason.

outside left marble

outside right marble

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De Montfort University Research Leicester

There are no pernament changes
because change itself is 

Ralph L. Woods

De Montfort University Research Leicester

De Montfort University Leicester Research Photograph

If politics is the art of the 
possible, research is surely the 
art of thesoluble 

Sir Peter Medawar

De Montfort University Leicester Research

Posh Car Free Parking in Oakham

When I was a Town Councillor members of the public brought to my attention parking enforcement officers were turning a blind eye to those who are bit well off compared with the rest of the population of Oakham.

I spoke to the parking manager to let him know that people were concerned, his staff seemed to have arrangements with some very well off local drivers and gave him details I was given. He told me things were changing.

Many months have passed and people are still noticing tickets are not being issued to certain drivers.

Another unknown resident has taken to blogging photographs

This week I spotted a member of the public who is so fed up , they have taken to issuing their own tickets!

I would like to know why these cars are being ignored most can be left in one hour bays all day, while a shopper can be five minutes over and receive a fine.

Welcome to De Montfort University Leicester

Corporate logo of De Montfort University (213x...Image via Wikipedia    

Welcome to De Montfort University 
The sign welcomes visitors and students to one
of Leicesters Universities

Today say the start of the new term
and many local companies could
be seen around the campus tempting students 
with freebies and vouchers along with
discounts at clubs

YUMCHI gave out free prawn crackers 

Domino's Pizza looked as if they had employed a coach load of staff

It was also a busy day for Leicestershires Police and 
De Montfort University Security

Student Centre was very busy

Subway Leicester

Not a student protest just informing new students they are required to drink

And this young lady came all this way from Spain to promote Example

Leicester City Council
City Wardens

Leicester City Council City Warden
and Young  Lady possibly thinking
I want to go home! 
In the background is one of Domino's New Human Pizza's

Club Republic Leicester TV Advertising van
Leicestershire Police officer issues ticket
'I told you, you can drive around and around all day with your noisy TV 
but you can't park in the bus stop, then he went and parked on the footpath.
D'OH ! sorry that's Domino's

Fire Bug Leicester
Not far from this spot are the student flats badly damaged by fire last term

Propaganda Leicester
kept driving so no ticket for them

Another of those Human Domino's Pizza

I LUV DMU Bomb Challenge

Franchise Leicester
Comedy + Live Music Firebug Leicester

Colin's Crew Leicester
I Love Fan Club Leicester

I love Mango
 lots of Free cans of

Club Republic
Student Bar

T Shirt Printing

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